Brampton Bryan Hall tour 26th May 2016


Edward Harley talks to Mrs Fretton, an evacuee to Brampton Bryan Hall in WW2, during the LHS visit.

This was a visit to a stately house that felt like a proper family home. Highlights included:

Robert Harley’s, (Ist Earl of Oxford and Mortimer) jacket with a knife wound, a portrait of the Marquis de Guiscard who attempted to assassinate him with a penknife and the bent penknife.

Rare survivals of civil war armour knocked up by local blacksmiths. (Usually only the armour of the aristocracy survives).

Many fascinating documents from the archive including Brilliana’s letters and returns from the ‘South Sea Bubble’.

Some fine stained glass – (presumably from the pre-civil war church).

Admiral Rodney’s uniform and a painting of the ‘Battle of the Saints’ in which he prefigured Nelson’s tactics at Trafalgar. We were struck by the number of ships involved!

We were fortunate to hear the reminiscences of a wartime evacuee at school in the house who joined us for the tour.

We finished with a delicious tea in the old dairy. Our thanks to our generous hosts, the Harley family


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