Leintwardine History Society Talks 2019

January 16th

Professor Brian Wilkinson : Minerals, Mining and Quarrying on Clee Hill, a brief history


Feb 20th

 Eileen Baker:  ‘Dressing to impress in the 19th Century’   There will be examples  of C19 fashion for members to examine

March 20th

Richard Rees:  The plans to flood Wales

April 17th

Kathryn Burtinshaw: C19 Mental health

May 15th

AGM and Francesca Bingham: Laundry in the past

September 18th

Hugh Wood:  Heraldry in the Marches

October  16th

Derek Beattie: Leisure in Ludlow

November 20th

Robin Thorndyke: “The Harrow and the Plough” [Brian Hatton’s images of horse drawn agriculture, farm animals and the rural workers and their activities.]


One response to “Calendar

  1. Tony McQueen

    I missed the October Social Archery talk, could you give me details of the provider so that i might find if it is being given at some other meeting locally

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