Leintwardine History Society Talks 2018

17th Jan

Matthew Lampitt : ‘Writing Networks: A Literary History of the Welsh Marches,  c. 1180–c. 1350’ including information about the Ludlow/Harley scribe.

21st February

Catherine Beale: ‘Noted for Narcissus – The Marches’ Daffodil Decades.’   Catherine will be remembered for her talk on the Arkwrights of Hampton Court and her book on the same subject.

21st March

Derek Taylor: ‘The English Who Do They Think They Are? From the Anglo-Saxons to Brexit’. Derek gave us a talk a few years ago about Bad King John.  Here he turns his attention to a long running topic

18th April

Dr Derek Beattie: The poor of Ludlow

16th May

A film of Leintwardine school pupils from the 1950’s followed by the AGM

19th September

Keith Bowers: When Emperor Haile Selassie came to Milebrook House: the inside story of the Ethiopian leader’s exile in Britain

17th October

Elinor Kelly: ‘Conscientious Objectors in Herefordshire WW1 & 2’

21st November

Robert Walker: ‘Edward Longmore-The Herefordshire Colossus.’




One response to “Calendar

  1. Tony McQueen

    I missed the October Social Archery talk, could you give me details of the provider so that i might find if it is being given at some other meeting locally

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