Who’s Who?

Chair (acting): Jonathan Hopkinson
Secretary: Pauline Kenward
Treasurer: John Saxby
Head of Archives, Research and Publications: Viv Simkins, John Williams
Committee members:  Jonathan Hopkinson, Viv Simkins, Brian Wilkinson  

The website is maintained on behalf of the Leintwardine History Society. The webmaster is Jonathan Hopkinson, who can be contacted at leintwardinehs@gmail.com


3 responses to “Who’s Who?

  1. Lisa Mellings

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to John who followed up my note in the church visitors book some 12 months ago and gave me the information I needed to find my grandfathers grave. Arthur George Mellings died suddenly at the very young age of 29 leaving a widow and 2 little boys,my Uncle and my father. They were aged 2 and 8 months old so they never knew their father.We were never very sure where he was buried as a lack of funds back in 1942 didn’t allow for a grave stone. It has always upset them that the grave was unmarked.I moved to Knighton and decided to try to track down where he lay and luckily John saw my note and sent me the records.
    This Saturday ( 6/9/14) the Mellings and Smith family from all over.including Australia, are gathering at the grave yard to have a new headstone blessed and those 2 little boys now in their 70s now know where their father is.
    Thank you so much for helping us in this search. It means so very much.
    Lisa Mellings.

    • It was good to meet Godfrey and Stuart. The Mellings family gets a mention in our ‘Last Orders’exhibition next week. Someone form the family may wish to drop by. It is open from 10-5 17th-20th and lots of other events are also happening over the weekend. All free!

  2. Mike Evans

    Message for the Secretary Pauline Kenward
    I have today transferred £20 to LHS a/c in payment of my membership sub.
    Hope this is OK and maybe saves you some work.
    Please treat as Gift Aid all my donations. I am a UK taxpayer.
    Best wishes
    Mike Evans
    Lammas Cottage, Shobdon, HR6 9NL

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